Melt Away Muscle Tension With Hot Stones

Melt Away Muscle Tension With Hot Stones

Get deep relief with a hot stone massage

If you’re looking for relief from muscle tension or stiffness, a hot stone massage could be the answer. Blue Heron Massage will help you promote deeper muscle relaxation with carefully placed water-heated stones. Sharon, will tailor your hot stone massage session to your body’s needs, using the hot stones to delve deeper into your muscle groups. You’ll feel yourself relax and enter a state of bliss as we carefully use the stones to work out your stiff, sore muscles.

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Blue Heron Massage will give your body an effective healing experience with a hot stone massage. Hot stone massage creates a sedative effective, opening you up to even deeper relaxation. Hot stone massage also:

  • Helps with chronic pain management
  • Decreases muscle spasms
  • Relieves pain and tension from strained muscles
  • Increases flexibility and mobility

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