Find Release From Chronic Muscle Tension

Find Release From Chronic Muscle Tension

Get a deep tissue massage from a professional massage therapist

Suffering from intense pain or muscle stiffness? Book a deep tissue session at Blue Heron Massage. Deep tissue massage therapy allows us to get much deeper into your muscles than a traditional Swedish massage. Sharon, will focus on working deep into your muscle tissue, fascia and tendons to release oxytocin and serotonin that will elevate your mood and decrease physical pain.

Reduce inflammation and manage chronic pain with the help of Blue Heron Massage.

Regular deep tissue massage can break up, Sharon will carefully isolate muscle groups that show signs of ongoing pain and stiffness. These areas are where scar tissue builds up the most and can cause chronic pain if not managed correctly.

Find the relief you need by eradicating painful scar tissue with a deep tissue massage. Book an appointment with Blue Heron Massage today.